Tuesday, September 22, 2015

VideoInspo: The Scarecrow

Haven't shared a video Inspiration with you for a while. But here is one with a VERY strong message.
Even though it's technically an ad for a video game it really gets the positive message across with out showing the terrifying and vulgar footage of reality.
I've been riding the V-Train for many many years now and constantly get asked questions and judged on this matter. I can honestly say that 70% of people have said it straight to my face that bening a vegetarian or vegan is idiocy and stupid. The reason why I never say a thing to them is because I can only conclude that they are either not well informed on the subject or just simply cruel people.

I'm not here to lecture you today or call anyone names but to Inspire you to look more into the matter and even if you don't go vegan at least make some smarter choices from time to time.

This video is super cute and in any case worth watching. :)

Until next time,
- Carol

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

InstaRecap: A week of touristy in Melbourne

It's been a while but I'm back to continue with the InstaRecap, to clean up my own wall and also to get more into the Australian adventures: 
  1. So we'll start with the sunny chills on Federation Square! Were just the best! ;)
  2. Do any of you remember the Australian ''soap opera'' called ''Home&Away''? You know the show Isla Fisher and Tammin Sursok and Ryan Kwanten and Julian McMahon and Naomi Watts and OH Chris Hemsworth came from! Yep that's the show I'm talking about. And since I used to watch it when I was little I just had to take a picture of the studio house. (not the exact one they film at but the company that produces the show, Channel 7's Melbourne Studio)
  3. Enjoyed a nice sunset over the Central Pier when we went to check out Etihad Stadium.
  4. Just a random American car show on the Crown Promenade we stumbled upon. The weather was so nice and chill and out of nowhere came a big big wind storm, an actual hurricane. And we ran off to a museum we planned to visit anyways.
  5. The museum was ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), the amazing architectural building based on Federation Square. The exposition we went to see was Screen World and as luck would have it, it was FREE!  But yeah that's totally my future TV! :D
  6. All I can say about this camera is that if it goes missing from the museum, I know nothing about it! hihi
  7. My favourite little slut!
  8. Pirates of Caribbean bastards managed to sneak in! Did you want to please me by showing me this or you just wanted to make me jelly?! Cuz you know I love me some PoC any day of the week. 
  9. Just look at the interior design in this place! Wauzza
  10. Hunting for street arts for my collection! Yes the collection of photos of Street Art from all over the world. ;)
  11. Parliament Gardens has a nice water fountain constructer kind of thing and statues you can take quirky funny pictures on!  
  12. Simply bricks of gold at the Old Treasury Museum.
  13. And the magical cate in China Town. 
  14. But my favourite touristy attraction must have been the Lincoln-Memorial-feels-like Shrine of Remembrance with it's long-ass runway to the gardens of beauty. 
  15. The hunt continues...
  16. And that was a week of touristy stuff in Melbourne. Sunbathing on the river bank on our last chill day before moving along! :3
And this is it for now. I'll leave 4 related vlog links here too, to see more! ;)
Oz gals | Wild Goose Hunt: https://youtu.be/zW2-9F-Avg8
Oz gal | Gold on the streets : https://youtu.be/DPtAMEbA_cA
Oz gal | Escaping the hurricane, to Screen World: https://youtu.be/x0D-VhoxsdU 
Oz gal | Streets of Melbourne : https://youtu.be/SLG3UzvbBpw

Until next time,
- Carol

Thursday, September 10, 2015

OOTD: Fly away on your flowered path!

Some of you may have already seen my winged backpack and some of you may not know it's my favourite as of the summer that flew past so quickly. I ordered this bag from online in the end of spring and have been wearing the HELL out of it since the day I received it.  
It's simple style goes with any outfit and it's quirky design spices up any look! Plus it fits far more then it seems in size. Most importantly it fits my giant-ass camera! :D

So as you may see I've kept my outfit quite simple and basic...what I do most these days...yet stepped up my game with details here and there. Like the reflective sunnies. Simple in style but awesome in colour...white/transparent frame and yellow/orange glasses. Love it!
Also add in the belt with golden detailing and my favourite 90's style velvet choker.

There you have it. A way to funk up your blackjeans-whiteshirt-leatherjacket combo! ;)

Until next time,
- Carol

Friday, September 4, 2015

VLOG: B-Day Hassel

My birthday was a little over a month ago but I still decided to share this vlog with you. Why?! Because even though it was Wednesday and not much was happening in the middle of the week, my awesome crew-of-3 managed to still be idiots all over the town.
Like I said not much was happening on that day but we still had tons of fun climbing to places you're not allowed, tasting the fountain water, doing bubblegum shots and watching the stars while coming up with a hypothetical elaborated plan to break into a cinema just for one movie!
And I'm sharing this with you since my channel seems to be just all around fun and making me and my friends look like fools online! ;)
So I hope you'll enjoy!

Until next time,
- Carol

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

VLOG: Carol goes to Greece

Partly I wanted to add a new video to the ''Carol goes to...'' series and partly wanted to share a teaser of the Greece vlogs coming up. I did daily vloggin like I do when ever traveling and I had tons of fun. So I hope with this and upcoming videos you'll have some fun as well! ;)

Until next time,
- Carol